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About Us

The JUNE sisters

There are three, with the US JUNE being the youngest. 

JUNE was initially a code name before we trademarked, but we liked it, so we kept it. It is hard to find something better: spring time, growth, hope and light!

Innovation and flexibility

At all the JUNE companies, we strive for innovation and improvements that can help surgeons treat as many of their patients as possible without needing beds or extra staff. Sometimes we can even reduce the need for an extra pair of hands, or reduce the need to stay in hospital. We aim for solutions that treat patients better, faster and keep them well for longer. 

It's personal

JUNE MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL is a privately owned legal entity tasked with ensuring broader reach for the surgical solutions we come across. Our team has many years’ experience in healthcare and with a strong network of distribution partners around the world, we are proud to be serving both smaller, local and specialised healthcare distributors as well as large multinational corporations like Neomedic and Promedon.


Owner and Founder Angela Spang

Managing Director Albert R Beran

Managing Director Albert R Beran


Founder and owner and award winning  healthcare entrepreneur Angela Spang also owns JUNE UK, JUNE US, London Medical Education Academy, Spang Gr and recently acquired UK based manufacturing company Mosaic Surgical LTD.  Always intersted in innovations and new ideas, you reach her on Angela@angelaspang.com.  

Managing Director Albert R Beran

Managing Director Albert R Beran

Managing Director Albert R Beran


 Albert is the Managing Director for JUNE INTERNATIONAL, and with his extensive knowledge and network, he is well placed to lead the team through the coming years of multiple launches and steep growth.  With  relentless  customer  focus  Albert  will  be  the  main  contact  point  for  our  distribution  partners on Albert.Beran@junemedical.com .